Terms and Conditions

Advance Notice

Please call to arrange your Pet’s move as soon as you have your dates. We require a week notice for all
Domestic Transfers, Should these time frames not be possible, please call promptly and we will arrange
an expedited move if possible. Rush moves may be accommodated for additional fees.


We require 50% advance payment in prior to making Airline reservations, sending documents, retaining
service through our agents of Global Petcab. Remaining 50% payment to be paid one day prior to your
pet Journey Date. Please acknowledge this estimate and do share your transaction details for payment
confirmation in order to start the booking process. Global Petcab cannot process requests until payment
is received.

Liability and Responsibility:

Even though Global Petcab takes a great number of details into consideration when planning your Pet’s
move, unforeseen circumstances may arise that are beyond our control, We cannot guarantee against
illness, injury, or escape at any time, due diligence having been taken. We reserve the right to seek
veterinary attention with the vet of our choice and such expenses shall be paid promptly by the owner
of the Pet(s) regardless of nature. We support the airlines, and kennel facilities that we choose, but once
your Pet is in their hands, we have no further control and assume no responsibility. We do guarantee to
handle your Pet(s) in the professional and safe manner that only out years of experience can provide.

Cancellation Fee :

There is no charge for cancellation if it is done prior to us making arrangements with the airlines or our
agents. After we have begun making arrangements the cancellation charge is our service availed during
the arrangements.

Acceptance of Proposal

Please Note:

All Estimates are based on the original services requested. Any additional services
requested or required will incur additional charges, There are several circumstances that can occur that
will result in increased cost. Some examples include: additional days of boarding required (as a result of
owner request, airline embargo, weather, airline cancellation or delay), Incompatible cargo, additional
trips to airport, additional time required for pickup and/or delivery (as a result of airline delays, weather,
improper documentation), grooming (whether requested by owner or required for Pet’s comfort),
inadequate documentation (could result in additional boarding, additional costs to obtain proper
documents which may include vaccinations if proper proof is not provided), and any Veterinarian
attention deemed necessary by us.
Pet Insurance is not included.

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