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Animal Quarantine

Why animal quarantine required

Every country requires animal quarantine. The Indian government strictly regulates livestock imports and exports and refuses entry to any diseased animal. Animal quarantine is used to prevent the spread of exotic or zoonotic diseases that an animal may carry. Infected livestock is not allowed to enter, under any circumstances. A nation cannot risk endangering its people’s health because it is essential to its economic growth. We genuinely care about your pet, so we make certain that all necessary documentation is in order. Only when all legal formalities are completed can a trouble-free experience be guaranteed.

AQCS is an abbreviation for ‘Animal Quarantine & Certification Services.’ The AQCS investigates globally recognized certification for livestock and animals, ensuring that any animal exported to another country meets their respective health requirements, as well as those specified in the International Zoo-Sanitary Code. Depending on the disease the animal is suspected of carrying and the importing country’s regulations, animal quarantine can last anywhere from 21 days to 6 months.

When transferring a pet, a document known as the No Objection Certificate (NOC) is required. A quarantine period is required to obtain this document to ensure your pet is healthy and not carrying any infectious diseases. Obtaining this certificate is time-consuming due to the numerous legal requirements that it must meet. The country of origin provides the NOC, which states that the animal is free of any contagious disease, such as rabies, canine distemper, or a viral infection.

An import license is required to import pets for a short period of time (tourist visa) or to change ownership. This license is available from the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). For pets entering India due to a change in ownership, a 30-day quarantine period in the country of origin is required.