Absorbing Mat

Absorbing mats are one of the best pet accessories, to keep your floor free of any paw prints. The ultra-absorbent mat is an ideal choice for your cat, dog, etc. for you to have cleaner floors, free from the litter that your naughty pet would otherwise create. Available in different sizes and materials, the absorbent mats have deep reach strands that instantly absorb water, mud, and dirt and dries quicker than the cotton doormats. The bottom of the mat has a non-skidding base that prevents movement of the mat, to prevent animals from slipping. So buy absorbing mat online in India, available at INR 70 per piece.


Pet beds are one of the pet accessories that are highly comfortable mattresses made especially for animals to travel comfortably without facing any inconvenience. High on quality, the pet mattresses are an ideal addition, making travel easier. Buy mattresses that come with a waterproof cover and are washable. Adjustable to weather conditions, the mattress is the ultimate companion for your pet. The mattress is suitable for pets of all sizes and is soft and removable. Your pet can fit in the mattress with utmost ease and roll as and when it likes. Buy pet beds online, with prices as nominal as INR 2,000.



We provide pet accessories like water sippers & bowls for pet feeding and sipping to let the pets have food and water while travelling. Buy according to your pet’s requirements For small and large dogs, you can select from a wide range of stainless steel bowls. These bowls come with an adjustable setting, which can be made according to the height of the dog. This helps the dog to eat in a comfortable posture, thus avoiding strains. For puppies and young kittens, there are nozzles available to help them consume liquid while travelling. With prices ranging from INR 400- INR 2000, buy the best animal feeders online for your pet.


Pet Accessories like pet crates/dog crates can range from small, medium, intermediate to large, extra-large, and giant, depending upon the size of the dog. From puppies weighing from 25 pounds to adult dogs weighing 110 pounds and more, we provide kennels in all sizes. For shipping breeds approved by India’s government, we sell IATA(International Air Transport Association)-approved pet cages/dog cages ranging from INR 6,200-INR 36,100. While selecting the right kennel size for your pet, measure your dog’s height and add an extra four inches to its height to let it have enough headspace. Also, make sure that your dog isn’t cringed inside the crate due to its small size. Buy crates online in India for your dogs, cats, etc, suiting the requirements of your pet.


To transfer your pet domestically and internationally (export and import), you need to buy an online microchip for pets, one of the pet accessories that is the only proof of identity that your pet can have while travelling to ensure its safe travel. The 15 digits non-encrypted ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 11784/11785 microchips are considered world standard and are hence required to be implanted on your pets. It is mandatory for the quarantine officials to verify your pet dog, cat, etc. according to the veterinary documents presented by you. If your pet’s microchipping is done with a nine or ten-digit microchip, you need to buy an animal microchip with 15 digits for your pet to clear the customs and pass the verification procedure for your pet to be transferred.

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