How to travel with your pet from Bangalore to us

How to travel with your pet from Bangalore to us

How to travel with your pet from Bangalore to U.S

The information that follows is based on experience and expertise. Here is a comprehensive manual on how to travel with your dog.

International travel is always thrilling. but What are your plans for your pet? There is no justification for you to leave your pet behind. They are very welcome to come along, and the process is quite simple. If you decide not to travel with your pet, pet relocation services are available.

Based only on personal experience, the following is a piece of step-by-step advice for anybody planning to take their pet international trip:

1.Call the airlines and inform them that you’ll take your pet with you.
If you are fortunate enough to work with skilled airline customer service agents, you may skip this and Step 2. If not, you should ask about breed limits, fees, whether pet cargo is available on the dates you choose, and specific airline policies during this conversation.
Take a few   dates to work on from the customer service staff depending on your travel schedules.

2.Update your ticket to read “Pet in cargo compartment: confirmed.”
Call customer care once more to confirm pet cargo availability once you are ready to make a reservation. Get your tickets and provide the airlines with the information they need to book the proper pet cargo space on your trip.

3. Your pet’s travel papers: export authorization and vaccination records.You must microchip your pet at CUPA,
where the veterinarian will also provide you with a health certificate stating that your pet is fit to travel. To get a “Certificate of Health” for the Export Permit, get in touch with the “Animal Quarantine & Certification Services” at the “Ministry of Agriculture,
Department of  Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries.”

4.Purchase a Crate
For international travel, you will require an IATA-certified crate. Measure your pet from the tip of the snout to the end of the tail.

5.Allow at least an hour at the airport to handle your pet’s formalities. To finish the process, you must travel to the airport.

6.Ask about your pet when traveling
The person who looked over my boarding permit might always be questioned about your pet. You can inquire about your pet’s well-being if a pet consumed anything.

7.At the airport of arrival
You may collect your luggage beside your pet’s crate and wait for an investigator to verify the vaccination records, a letter from her veterinarian, and an export certificate. With a big grin on both of your faces, you may pick up your pet.

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