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You must purchase a pet microchip in order to transport your pet overseas (both import and export). Your pet’s only form of identification when travelling is a microchip. It is essential to have your pet microchipped since without one, you won’t be able to locate them if they become lost. Your pet must have the 15-digit, non-encrypted, ISO 11784/11785 microchip implanted before engaging in any sort of transportation. If your pet has a nine- or ten-digit microchip, you must buy a 15-digit microchip for your pet to pass quarantine since a country’s officials must verify your pet in accordance with the veterinarian documentation you present Before being permitted access into a country, a person must clear customs and the verification process.


Similar to a standard vaccine, pet microchips are placed by a veterinarian using a short injection.

1. The placement of microchips differs depending on the species. The injection is given to dogs and cats right between the shoulder blades, at the dorsal midline. The injection is administered to horses along the left side of the neck, halfway between the poll and withers and an inch below the mane. Due of their lack of mass, birds have implants placed in their breast muscles.

2. Before inserting a new microchip, the old one must be scanned. It takes 10 to 30 seconds to complete.

3. The use of anesthesia is not necessary. The implant process is quick.

4. A simple pinch that pushes the skin upwards until taut desensitizes your pet’s skin. The professional inserts the needle.

5. Make sure the microchip remains in place as the needle is withdrawn by giving it one last pinch.

6. The microchip registration forms can be completed with the assistance of the veterinarian or animal shelter staff.

7.Following the procedure, it’s crucial to limit your pet’s participation in strenuous exercise or activity for 24 hours to allow the microchip’s anti-migration coating to firmly adhere to your pet’s skin.


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