How to carry dog to australia from India

How to carry dog to australia from India

How to carry dog to australia from India

Are you a devoted pet parent in India who dreams of embarking on a new adventure in Australia? Does your new job want you to relocate to Australia? Well, the prospect of exploring the land down under is challenging , but there’s one important question on your mind: How can you bring your cherished furry companion along for the journey? It’s a question that weighs heavily on the hearts of pet owners across the nation. Fear not, for we understand the depth of your love for your four-legged family member and the desire to ensure their well-being throughout the process. In this captivating and informative blog, we’re here to alleviate your concerns and provide you with a roadmap to successfully bringing your beloved dog to Australia from India.

Pet Exports from Australia to India

Australia, with its stunning landscapes and vibrant wildlife, has established its own set of rules and regulations when it comes to international pet relocation. It’s a unique and intricate process that demands careful attention to detail. But worry not! We’ve taken it upon ourselves to debunk the complexities and guide you through each step of this extraordinary journey. From breaking down the requirements and navigating the paperwork to planning the logistics of transportation and prioritising your pet’s comfort, we’ve got you covered. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and confidence needed to embark on this remarkable adventure alongside your furry companion.

So, grab a cup of tea, find a cosy spot, and allow us to be your trusty travel companions on this incredible journey from India to Australia. Together, we’ll cover all about international pet relocation, ensuring that your precious pet receives the care, attention, and love they deserve throughout this awe-inspiring transition.

Bringing your pet to Australia-All you need to know:

Carrying a pet to Australia from India involves a series of crucial steps and considerations to ensure a smooth and stress-free relocation for your furry companion. Let’s explore each step in detail:


  • All pets must be microchipped with an ISO 15-digit microchip.
  • This veterinary procedure can be done by any local veterinarian.
  • It is recommended to microchip your pet before vaccination.
  • You can purchase the microchip and have your vet inject it.


  • Ensure that your pet receives the necessary vaccinations, including Anti-Rabies and DHPPiL (for dogs) or Tri-feline (for cats) vaccines.
  • Vaccinations should be up to date without any lapses in recent years.
  • Consult your veterinarian to ensure compliance with Australia’s vaccination requirements.

Rabies Titre Test:

  • Australia mandates a Rabies Titre test for pets.
  • This test can be conducted at any time after 30 days of your pet receiving the Rabies vaccination.
  • Samples must be tested at Australia-approved laboratories.
  • Assuming the test results are within acceptable limits, your pet can enter Australia after 6 months from the date of the blood sample collection for the titre test.
  • Book the titre test in advance to allow for sufficient time before your intended travel date.

Mid-Country Travel:

  • Pets from India cannot travel directly to Australia and must transit through an approved mid-country such as Singapore or the Netherlands.
  • Your pet will need to stay in the mid-country for a minimum of 2 months before continuing the journey to Australia.

Additional Tests:

  • In the mid-country, your pet will undergo several blood tests required for entry into Australia.
  • These tests must be conducted within a specific time frame before your pet can travel to Australia.
  • Ensure the test results are within acceptable limits as per Australian regulations.

10 Days Quarantine:

  • Upon arrival in Australia, all pets are subjected to a mandatory 10-day quarantine period in a Government Quarantine Facility.
  • It is essential to book and pay for the quarantine facility in advance to secure your pet’s place.


  • Various documents need to be prepared in India to export pets to australia from India, including an Export Permit from the Indian Quarantine Office.
  • Service charges from an international pet relocation service may cover the cost of export documentation.
  • Upon signing up with an international relocation service, they will provide you with the necessary formats, templates, and samples of the required documents.

Modes of Transport:

  • Two main modes of transport are available: Accompanied Excess Baggage (passenger required) and Manifest Cargo (passenger not required).
  • In the Cargo mode, pets travel separately from the owner and are transported on a different flight.
  • Cargo mode is commonly used for pet transportation and is considered safe.

Agent in Australia & Mid-Country:

  • If your pet travels as Cargo, you will require the assistance of an agent in Australia and the mid-country (e.g., Singapore or the Netherlands).
  • International pet relocation services often have established relationships with reputable agents and can recommend one based on your specific needs.


  • Not all airlines accept pets for transport, and each airline may have restrictions on pet size and weight.
  • International pet relocation services can provide you with relevant flight options that cater to your pet’s needs.

Pet Crate:

  • The size of the pet crate depends on your pet’s size and the chosen mode of travel.
  • Pet relocation services can guide you on selecting an appropriate crate

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How challenging is to take my pet to Australia from India

Carrying a pet to Australia from India can be quite challenging due to the strict regulations and complex processes involved. Firstly, one of the major challenges is the requirement for pets to stay in a mid-country like Dubai or another country for a minimum of 2 to 6 months before entering Australia. This adds an extra layer of logistics and planning to the journey, as pet owners need to arrange for their furry companions to be housed and cared for during this period. Finding reliable and reputable facilities in the mid-country can be daunting, and ensuring that the pets are comfortable and well-taken care of during their stay becomes a top priority.

Another challenge is the restriction on pets entering Australia only as Manifest Cargo and not as Excess Baggage. This means that pets travel separately from their owners on different flights. The process of arranging cargo transportation for pets requires careful coordination with airlines, customs clearance, and the engagement of a registered agent at the destination to handle the necessary documentation and clearance procedures. This adds complexity and can be time-consuming for pet owners, as they need to navigate through the various requirements and ensure that all necessary paperwork and arrangements are in place.

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Cost of bringing a dog to Australia from India

When it comes to transporting your pet to different destinations, relocating your pet from Australia to India involves a significant amount of time and effort. This is primarily because India is considered a non-approved country for pet relocation. The process of relocating your pet to India would typically require transferring them to another country that has suitable quarantine facilities and following various additional procedures. The specific requirements and steps involved in this process can vary depending on the type of pet you wish to relocate.

Given the complexity of relocating a pet from India, it is highly recommended to seek the assistance of our pet relocation experts. Our professionals have the expertise and knowledge to guide you through the entire process and provide you with a customised quote based on your specific requirements. By consulting with our experts, you can obtain accurate information about the necessary documentation, quarantine regulations, transportation logistics, and any other considerations involved in relocating your pet to India.

Final takeaway,

Overall, carrying your pet to Australia from India demands solid planning, adherence to regulations, and coordination with multiple parties involved in the transportation process. It requires pet owners to be proactive, patient, and well-prepared to ensure a smooth and safe journey for their beloved companions. Despite the challenges, with the right guidance and assistance from international pet relocation services like Global Pet Cab, pet owners can navigate through the process and successfully transport their pets to Australia, providing them with a new home.

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To begin the process, all you need to do is get in touch with our pet relocation specialist. They will provide you with personalised guidance and support, tailored to meet the unique needs of your furry friend. From understanding the specific requirements of your destination country to organising the necessary paperwork, arranging transportation, and even coordinating with registered agents at the destination, we take care of all the intricate details, allowing you to focus on the excitement of embarking on a remarkable journey with your furry companion.

At Global Pet Cab, we prioritise the safety and comfort of your pets, treating them as members of our own family. We understand the love and attachment you have for your furry babies, and we go above and beyond to ensure their well-being throughout the relocation process. With our expertise and network of trusted partners, we provide a seamless and stress-free experience, giving you the peace of mind that your pet is in capable hands.

So, if you are planning to carry your pet to Australia from India or any other destination, look no further than Global Pet Cab. Contact our pet relocation specialist today and embark on an amazing journey, knowing that your furry baby will receive the utmost care and attention throughout the entire process. Trust us to make your pet’s relocation a memorable and delightful experience for both you and your beloved companion.

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