Dog-Friendly Places

5 of the Best Dog-Friendly Places to Go in Your Area.

5 of the Best Dog-Friendly Places to Go in Your Area.

Desiring to travel yet dreading having to leave your “furry” buddies behind. Many of you might find the concept strange, but only someone who is a “pet parent” truly appreciates the feelings involved in raising a four-legged pal. Finding places that welcome pets is still difficult in India, and not all hotels are prepared to do so. So is it possible that a pet owner will never take a pet on a trip?

The excellent thing is that a handful of hotels and guesthouses in India now allow guests to travel with pets. These individuals have made it possible for even our four-legged companions to take a trip while the remainder of the family is out and about

Nowadays, you may bring your pet on vacation to several popular spots. Additionally, these locations give our “best friends pals complete access to all shared spaces, facilities, and conveniences.

Consequently, let’s get started and introduce you to 10 pet-friendly locations in India.

  • Goa

The civilizations of Portugal and India coexist in Goa. The sunshine, ocean, beach, cuisine, entertainment, and mysticism enrich Goa’s whole atmosphere. Overall, Goa can be considered India’s little piece of heaven.

  • Delhi

Delhi genuinely demonstrates the meaning of the phrase “a voyage back in time”! With roots in the Empire, the capital town is a wonderful collection. Delhi is known for its illustrious past, magnificent monuments, quick pace of life, and busy streets and narrow lanes.

  • Puducherry

Puducherry is a charming small town on the southern shore, far from the bustle of major cities. The outstanding characteristic is the unusual French architecture, the thoroughfare, the imperial historic sites, and the endless lengths of undeveloped beaches.

  • Karnataka

A great fusion of beaches, health clubs, national parks, sparkling palaces and ruins, and tourist hotspots can be found in Karnataka. The verdant hills provide the ideal escape from the monotony of everyday life.

  • Pushkar 

A well-known Hindu vacation city is Pushkar. Psalms, chimes, percussion, and religious melodies from the several monasteries are resonating throughout the town. The town of Pushkar has a unique fascination that draws both youth and old.


  1. Things to watch out for when bringing your pet to a pet-friendly restaurant or cafe
  2. Check to see that your pet behaves appropriately and doesn’t bother the nearby residents.
  3. Pets can become anxious in public environments. Take them outside for a moment until they start to quiet down in this situation.
  4. Be sure to clean up after your pet yourself rather than expecting the staff to do it for you if they accidentally go potty inside the café or restaurant.
  5. Although certain animals are naturally more energetic than most, it is your responsibility to make sure they don’t bite or scrape other people or animals.
  6. Have your pet vaccinated as soon as possible so that they are not a hazard to oneself or others in any surrounding area.
  7. On an excursion, make sure they are maintaining a clean environment.

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