Our Story

We frequently wonder how to relocate our pets from one place to another. Even the commute puts us in a position where they are obligated to assist. Because of this, Globalpetcab is determined to bring you and your pet together anywhere in the world.

As the most compassionate and thorough domestic and international pet travel provider, GlobalPetcab was founded in India. We have delivered
priceless cargo to more than key cities in 30 nations on 5 continents with a zero-harm rating. With access to more than 1000 flights every day, we can safely transport pets anywhere in the world. We have been serving all major airports in India.

With our experienced and compassionate professionals, individualised service, and exclusive agreements with the most reputable pet transport
businesses globally, we are the trusted advisors in pet travel. We are committed to getting your pet home safely. With exceptional care and
personalised service, we treat every cat and dog that travels with us as if they were our own. To ensure that our pet travel operations are safe, secure,
and in compliance with regulations, we work closely with airport operators, government agencies, and international regulators.

Meet Our Leaders

Our Co-Founder

Arun Bd Sonar

Founder and CEO

Being around our furry friends is a truly wonderful experience.
There's something special about learning from them - how to
care, express ourselves, and love unconditionally. These beautiful beings have a way of making us feel supported and cared for,
lifting us up when we're feeling down and adding to our joy
when we're happy.

Their love is truly unconditional, and being around them teaches us to be more humble, caring, and vigilant. They have a way of
grabbing our emotions and bringing out the best in us.

Rani Sonar

Founder and Director

As the founder of Global Pet Cab and a mother, I love animals
which motivates me to work hard. Pets are like family and are
frequently stressed when removed from their natural habitat.
However, there are several workarounds.

Many pet owners now use pet relocation services, which provide a caring and professional service to make the transfer as easy as possible for both the pet and the owner. GLOBAL PET CAB was
established after learning about the struggles pet owners faced.

Meet Our Team


Head of Operations

Furr babies truly hold a special place in our hearts. Their adorable antics and unwavering love have a way of brightening even the
darkest of days. They truly are heaven-sent, with their playful
personalities and gentle nature reminding us of the pure joy that life can bring. For me, my journey as the Head of Operations
specialising in pet relocation began with my love for these furry
angels. I wanted to channel my passion for animals into a
mission that would make a real difference in the lives of pet
parents and their beloved pets.

At the heart of my work is the desire to provide pet parents with a sense of safety and reliability, knowing that their precious furr
babies are in good hands. I take pride in my role in ensuring that all aspects of pet relocation are handled with the utmost care and attention to detail, from securing transportation to ensuring a
smooth transition for both the pets and their families.

Through my work, I have come to appreciate the unique bond
that exists between pets and their humans. It is a bond based on trust, loyalty, and unconditional love, and it is a privilege to be
able to play a small part in strengthening that bond.


Shaji k Varghese

Business Development Manager and Team Leader

Relocating a pet can be a daunting and challenging task. I've
heard countless stories from friends and family members about
the anxiety and stress they experience when relocating their
beloved furry friends. They tell me how difficult it is to find a
relocation specialist who truly cares for their pets as if they were
their own. That's why I was thrilled to join the team at Global Pet Cab, where I discovered a group of passionate professionals who go above and beyond to provide safe, reliable, and friendly
transportation services to pet parents.

Unlike others, Global Pet Cab's team puts an incredible amount
of effort and dedication into every aspect of their work, from
ensuring the comfort and well-being of the pets to providing
exceptional customer service to the pet parents. Witnessing
this level of passion and commitment truly inspired me and gave me a deep understanding of just how important these cute
bundles of fur buddies are in our lives, as well as the importance of providing pet parents with peace of mind during the
relocation process.

At Global Pet Cab, we treat every pet as if they were our own, and it's a privilege to be part of a team that values the well-being of
these four-legged furry companions.

Mary Sophia

Domestic Relocation Expert

I am Mary Sophia, working as a Domestic Pet Relocation Expert.
It's a great pleasure and wonderful experience working with the
pet parents. I am also a pet parent. My baby's name is Mocha.
She is very cute. She wants everyone to stay with her all the time. I miss her very much in the office timings, but working as a part of a pet parent makes the experience all the more enjoyable.

The teamwork and camaraderie within our group are truly
amazing, and it's a privilege to be able to work alongside like-
minded individuals who share a passion for pets and their

Nisarga B

International Relocations Expert

Our furry friends, whether they're dogs or cats, bring us
immeasurable joy and unconditional love. They are truly unique
creatures with their own personalities, quirks, and charms that
never fail to put a smile on our faces. As an international pet
relocation expert, I am acutely aware of the anxiety and
heartbreak that can come with leaving our beloved pets behind. That's why I am proud to be a part of the team at Global Pet Cab, where we provide reliable, safe, and stress-free pet relocation
services that alleviate this worry for pet parents.

Helping families move their pets to new locations, whether it's
across the country or around the world, is a privilege and an
honor. It brings me immense satisfaction to know that I am able to play a small part in strengthening the bond between pets and their families, and in making the transition to a new home a little smoother and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Rishabh Khakhlari


I started working for Globalpetcab on October 2nd, 2021 in Operations . I found myself in the right field as I am from Digboi, Assam. A land of
beauty and peace where nature embraces love. It started when I used to feed and rescue pets. And the moment I was presented with the
opportunity, I soon realised that this is where I could grow with my
passion for animals and the way companies treat their employees, a
decisive factor in success. I believe in GPC. It is better to have a great
team than a team of great people.

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