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International Pet Relocation
apoorva andaniapoorva andani
17:31 28 Nov 22
Dear Global Pet Cab team, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the wonderful service you provided and for the seamless move of our furry child to Canada. Amazing work, you guys. We are appreciative of the hostel staff's efforts to keep our baby Reon safe and well. We would especially like to thank Hannah for all of her help and for instilling our confidence in you guys.Once more, I would like to say thank you and best of luck. Please continue the wonderful work; I will certainly tell my friends about your service.
Sayan DalalSayan Dalal
13:03 27 Nov 22
I recently relocated my 8months old GSD from Kolkata to Chennai. I really appreciate their love for animals, sense of responsibility and professionalism. A special thanks to her handler Aman🙏. Thank you to all the Petcab family as well. Keep up the good work.
mridul sarmamridul sarma
02:18 22 Nov 22
A very professional team, they take care of your pets complete travel needs . I have used their service traveling my Lab from bangalore to guwahati. The best part is you can make a video call at any given part of time. Team member (Ashish) is very friendly and always keep you posted on travel status. Thank you Global pet cab
Zomuanpuii RalteZomuanpuii Ralte
09:43 15 Nov 22
I have to relocate my cat from Bangalore to Delhi, my cat has separation anxiety and not used to other people. I was really worried about her but thanks to Global Petcab, updating me along the way and handling her with patience. Thank you Global Petcab for dropping her off safely❤️
Shivani SharmaShivani Sharma
10:32 25 Oct 22
Great service provided by them. I had to relocate my indie 11months old from banglore to Delhi. They did a great job in relocating my dog. Abhishek who was caretaker tm of fredo in his 2 day long train journey took care of him very well and made sure to drop him at my palace in very good condition. My pet was comfortable and happy throughout the process. Thanks to the entire team
David JohnDavid John
11:42 30 Sep 22
Very safe way to transport your pet anywhere. They moved my dog to my brother in law's place very safely. Hourly updates and photos were provided during the journey.
Rohith MRohith M
08:48 24 Sep 22
Departing India to return to the US after living there 3+ years was stressful enough without pets, but came to Global Pet Cab the rescue during our move with our babu. They were recommended to me by someone else and things couldn’t have turned out any better. I worked with Hannah and she was amazingly patient, kind, helpful, efficient, and informative. Any question I had, he answered quickly.Despite a number of last minute and unavoidable changes in itinerary, they were incredibly “go with the flow, this is not a problem”. Hannah made sure to keep me updated all the way through her travels from beginning to end, and celebrated with/for us when she finally arrived.The cost was fair for all the services we needed (pick up pet transport, overnight kennel, vet services, custom built kennel due to her size etc) In the end, I’m glad I decided this was one DIY I wouldn’t attempt and instead hired Global Pet Cab. The peace of mind alone was worth it. Should we end up going back to India, I know where my first call during my planning will be!Thanks again!!Global petcab - International & Domestic Pet Relocation Services
Dominic ChristyDominic Christy
04:20 24 Sep 22
Most efficient and reliable pet travel services provider. We strive to attain your pet safety in compliance to the airlines and statutory governing body.
Diksha BaliDiksha Bali
04:01 18 Jul 22
Global Pet Cab took care of us on short notice by arranging a move for our 13 year old senior German Shepherd within a short timespan of 20 days from Bangalore to Maryland, USA. They took care of airline booking, arranging health appointments, the crate, and answered our questions. They even went extra mile to arrange services for our dog, including nail trimming, an extra driver to help, etc.My mother was the main client in India and I was receiving the dog in the US. As such, I can speak only as the secondary client. From my perspective, the only slight issue I had with them is that processes were not always clear (sometimes I had to follow up a few times on a request I had made to make sure it happened, also I was not sure what the feeding process would be for our dog until I asked and he was on the plane -- though I think if I had asked in advance they would have answered).That said, from my perspective, GPC seemed to know their job well enough and our dog is safe and sound and well on a move with short notice, so for that I am grateful. I do think I would work with them if the need arose. Thanks GPC. 🙂
Renee Mary VargheseRenee Mary Varghese
03:31 24 May 22
Everyone we interacted with here were very helpful , kind and prompt. The pricing was affordable as compared to others, we had a very peaceful and smooth journey with our pet with everything being taken care of from documentation, booking tickets , allocation of coupe without me needing to step out of my house. End to end service without any hassels 🙂
Global Petcab

Our Process

You can reach our pet travel specialists via phone, email, or online.

Our skillfully designed global pet cab Sky Crate is delivered to your home.

Global pet Cab arranges for your pet’s required vaccines and health examinations.

Globalpetcab produces the necessary preflight paperwork, including clearances, permits, and COVID requirements.

Globalpetcab will pick up your pet from your home.

Your pet spends the night in a hotel for pets that have won awards.

All preflight paperwork, clearances, permits, and other COVID-related obligations are prepared by Globalpetcab.

Throughout the travel, Globalpetcab offers email, picture, and video updates.

Your pet is prepared for pick-up at the airport of arrival or delivery by one of our pet partners.


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